Autumn Faves (Tagged but not Tagged)

So I saw this cool Autumn Tag post going around and since I haven’t exactly established my place in this “blogosphere”, I decided I would do it anyways for fun.

1. Coffee-What’s your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks or any other coffee shop?

Right now, being pregnant keeps me from drinking coffee and my financial situation didn’t allow it as well so I have yet to join the coffee crave other than the frappes from McDonald’s. If I did have to choose a drink it would actually be hot chocolate…a simple classic.

2. Accessories-What do you opt for: scarf, boot, or gloves?

My choice would definitely be boots. I have a pair of Ugg-Converse that are rare to find so I love showing them off during the colder season.

3. Music-What’s your favorite music to listen to during autumn?

My favorite music would have be something like Ellie Goulding and Bridget Mendler.

4. Perfume-What’s your favorite scent for this time of year?

My favorite scent is anything with vanilla. Sadly my only vanilla scented perfume is a mixture with flowers and reminds me of spring so I’ve put it away and opted for a honey scent perfume my sister got for me (I really have to find out the name of it, it smells amazing!)

5. Candles-What scents will you be burning this season?

I love anything vanilla or brown sugar because it reminds me of cooking on Thanksgiving and Christmas so both is on my burn list.

6. What do you love the most about autumn?

I think the thing I love most about autumn would have be sweater weather (which is totally on my playlist now).

7. Favorite make-up look?

I don’t wear make-up that often but when I do and it’s around autumn, I normally go with browns and golds that have a bit of shimmer. My skin’s a bit more moist around this time so my skins glowing a little more than it does before so I try to focus more on my eyes that way my face isn’t affected but the over use of moisture from my foundation and such.

8. What are you looking forward to the most in autumn?

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because I love to eat!

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