Hoping for Change in 2015


Time for that New Year’s Post.

I know everyone starts the year of with these New Year’s Resolution post and they’re very cliché. I’m normally not a cliché person (which is why my friends call me a hipster) so it’s ironic that I’m doing a resolutions post. I normally over do it with the resolutions but this year I simplified to four simple resolutions.

1. Become a healthier person.

I’m not going to lie. I have an addiction to soda and fast food. I really need to cut it out. I’m taking a zumba class in college. I learned that if you have a work out buddy you’re more inspired to work out. Well in zumba class, I have my friend Mandi. Now outside of class, I still need to work out so I recruited my friend Caitlyn when she’s free or it’ll be my mom and sister. I’m hoping to work out at least four times a week.  As for the soda and fast food addiction, I plan to drink at least 32 ounces of water everyday and eat healthier or make healthier eating choices. Part of becoming a healthier person is to become healthy both physically and mentally. I want to have more me time. I want to spend less time on social media and more time reading. I’m actually reading a book on mediation since it’s supposed to help you sort out your thoughts.

2. Save money.

I want to save money for many reasons but how I plan to do that, I plan to budget, use coupons and many sites that offer discounts such as RetailMeNot. I want to save money for a place of our own, a car and other necessities.

3. Move out.

Right now my boyfriend, daughter and I are living with my boyfriend’s family. We don’t pay a lot of rent and we have people helping us as well as it’s only a couple of minutes away from my mom and family but I just feel overwhelmed. There’s a good amount of people who live there so we don’t get as much privacy or space that we would need for a family of three. On top of that I just feel overwhelmed by all the help but I feel bad if I don’t let them help. I wanna raise her not to get spoiled and want to limit her on certain things but they (I feel like under-mind would be too strong a word) ignore what I want for her and says “Oh she’s just a baby”. Plus I’d like to live a little closer to my family because I feel like they don’t get to see her enough. This is part of the reason I would like to save money.

4. Get my license and a car.

It’d be a bit hard to move out if I didn’t have a way to get around. I really need to get my license which involves more practicing and being a more confident driver.

Now with these resolutions, I’m introducing a a new series, Monthly Resolution Check In. It’s my way of keeping up with my resolutions and as an inspiration. I feel I’ll be more inspired to continue if I know I’m going to be writing about it later. Wish me luck!


Bonus picture! Luna when she was first born a little more than a month ago.


One thought on “Hoping for Change in 2015

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