Revelations Come to Light

I typed up a post about my current favorites that varied from apps to shows to just random objects…then I deleted it. After reading it, I realized, that’s not what I want to blog about. I’m here to blog about balancing life, especially when you have a young child. I want to blog about my goals, the journey to accomplish them and be an inspiration for others. I finally realized why I blog. It took a couple months but it clicked, it finally clicked.
Normally when you start a blog, you have an idea of why you’re blogging, who you’re blogging for and how you’re going to connect with your readers? I’m blogging not only for myself, but for young mothers, college students or just about anyone trying to balance life. I’m connecting to readers by simply being true to both myself and those that read my blog.
Now with that revelation out of the way, I want to update everyone on how my resolutions are going…but I shall save that post for another day. Let’s continue this journey another time…

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