Opposite Day…More Like Week

This week is going to be completely different for me. I’m actually going to schedule my whole week out. That includes homework, chores, spending time with people…just everything. I’m actually getting ready to schedule my whole week out so I can just simply add anything that might come up. I’m also planning two post for today. One that will explain my reason for such extensive planning and the other about my thrift shopping trip I took yesterday. I need a bigger closet.

2 thoughts on “Opposite Day…More Like Week

  1. Jocelynn says:

    Thanks for the tip. Have not had a chance to start because of everything going on with Valentine’s day but I’m all set to go for next week.

  2. fekkledfudge says:

    I tend to open a word document and then keep it open on my desktop all week (this works with a notebook for a list as well, but the word doc is easier to add in things as they come up) and refer back to it when necessary.

    It’s been almost two weeks since I stopped scheduling and its been a bit hard to be motivated to do work (since I work from home) but it has been a great change!! Best of luck! xx Jess

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