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I’ve been gone for a while since I’ve had trouble balancing life and school and such. I feel terrible for it since I kept promising I would post and update everyone on what’s going on. My life is seriously about to take a turn for the better. I felt the need to definitely update you guys so I am sitting here late at night/early in the morning typing this up although, I probably won’t upload it until later today after I need time to sit down and edit, as well as find or take a photo to add. I’m hoping I will be a better blogger. SO…I’m hoping this will be a long post but if not sorry, please read!

It’s time. Yes it is time. It is time for the big move!! I hope that was as exciting as I was hoping it will be. After searching, getting things settled and discussing it, we are finally moving out. The house being rented out by a close friend of ours. We’re moving a little further out than I originally wanted to but I like the house and we get the master bedroom! Big plus there! Actually we plan on moving stuff over throughout the next couple of months but we will officially moving in May. It’s a big place with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large loft and backyard and nice appliances. I’ve already been given the go ahead to control how we will be decorating the house so I worry for the boys since I’m very picky. Sorry boys! I’m happy we’re moving out because not having privacy and space has officially driven me crazy (we’ve already had one person walk in the room as I’m typing). Finding a place is kind of what kept me busy and from blogging since I was calling realtors (who never answer their phones or emails!) and house hunting.

Along with getting a new place, I plan to start vlogging. If anyone does not know what that is, it is simply blogging through video just more personal and a bit easier to do since you can carry the camera with you throughout the day without too much worry or work. Yes, you have to edit the videos but I find that faster than typing. I’m actually on YouTube catching up on the vloggers I follow.

On the other hand, Luna has hit the three-month mark a couple of weeks ago, I’m still going to school (I’m on spring break now so maybe another post this week) and Chris is still working. More from me later.

Love yous! (On a coffee high!)

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