Just a random pic I took. Makes the post pretty!

So I felt like it was about time I explain why I decided to name my blog, Peace In Vintage. One thing that is known about me is that I’m a Goodwill addict. I’m serious. It is my happy place. I’ve gotten all my friends addicted as well so when they have their half off sales I go with my family or my friends. For a long time one of my close friends called me a hipster just because my outfits were a bit different and so was my personality. It’s not that I don’t like anything main stream (secret die hard Taylor Swift fan, my mom even got me one of her CDs for Christmas) it’s just my taste is a bit different. I’m actually a big fan of vintage clothing and it’s reflected in my outfits. My mom always jokes around about how she wore that outfit when she was my age. It’s actually true. Some of my outfits reflect what her or my aunt wore at one point (I think I have a Jean jacket that actually used to belong to them). I love fedoras, vest and records. I just find those are more comfortable. I have a ton of records that were sadly damaged during moving so I plan to do some cool decorating DIYs with. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit old fashion.

On the other hand I wanted to let you guys know that I started a tumblr blog for this one. It’s one I will post to more frequently and won’t be as formal as this one. The link is quite similar to this blog’s Peace In Vintage-Tumblr

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