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Top Tips for Staying on Top of Things!

So motivating!


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I’ve been gone for a while since I’ve had trouble balancing life and school and such. I feel terrible for it since I kept promising I would post and update everyone on what’s going on. My life is seriously about to take a turn for the better. I felt the need to definitely update you guys so I am sitting here late at night/early in the morning typing this up although, I probably won’t upload it until later today after I need time to sit down and edit, as well as find or take a photo to add. I’m hoping I will be a better blogger. SO…I’m hoping this will be a long post but if not sorry, please read!

It’s time. Yes it is time. It is time for the big move!! I hope that was as exciting as I was hoping it will be. After searching, getting things settled and discussing it, we are finally moving out. The house being rented out by a close friend of ours. We’re moving a little further out than I originally wanted to but I like the house and we get the master bedroom! Big plus there! Actually we plan on moving stuff over throughout the next couple of months but we will officially moving in May. It’s a big place with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large loft and backyard and nice appliances. I’ve already been given the go ahead to control how we will be decorating the house so I worry for the boys since I’m very picky. Sorry boys! I’m happy we’re moving out because not having privacy and space has officially driven me crazy (we’ve already had one person walk in the room as I’m typing). Finding a place is kind of what kept me busy and from blogging since I was calling realtors (who never answer their phones or emails!) and house hunting.

Along with getting a new place, I plan to start vlogging. If anyone does not know what that is, it is simply blogging through video just more personal and a bit easier to do since you can carry the camera with you throughout the day without too much worry or work. Yes, you have to edit the videos but I find that faster than typing. I’m actually on YouTube catching up on the vloggers I follow.

On the other hand, Luna has hit the three-month mark a couple of weeks ago, I’m still going to school (I’m on spring break now so maybe another post this week) and Chris is still working. More from me later.

Love yous! (On a coffee high!)

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OMG. I have been M.I.A. for almost a month now and I will be explaining that soon. I just needed a break from blogging but I’m ready to come back and kick some blogging butt! There’s so much to tell you. I hate to leave you wanting more but sorry!
On Standby,

Opposite Day…More Like Week

This week is going to be completely different for me. I’m actually going to schedule my whole week out. That includes homework, chores, spending time with people…just everything. I’m actually getting ready to schedule my whole week out so I can just simply add anything that might come up. I’m also planning two post for today. One that will explain my reason for such extensive planning and the other about my thrift shopping trip I took yesterday. I need a bigger closet.

Wishes for February


February Goals

I came across a blog called, The Nectar Collective, a blog for bloggers. The article I read was Goals for February where they do a Weekly Wishes link party encouraging others to come up with goals for every week and share them with others. You would normally post on Monday but I was a bit preoccupied. Better late than never. Although it is normally called weekly wishes, since it is the first week of February, I decided to start off with writing about my goals for this month.

Last month, I wrote about how Chris and I had started envelope budgeting but since it was the end of the month, who knows if it actually worked so this month, my goal, in the financial department, is to keep track of our spending and stick to this envelope budgeting to see if it helps at all.

I started school so I have homework, chores, family and blogging to balance out right now. After spending tons of time on pinterest, looking at different ways people organized I’ve come up with a way that works for me. I now schedule almost everything; time for homework, errands Chris and I have to run, time for blogging and etc. Now to just stick to the schedule!

With Luna turning two months this Thursday, spending time with her is my main priority. I read to her, play music for her (heck she’s sitting in my lap as I type this up) but the one thing I feel like I don’t do enough is speak to her in Spanish, especially since I can’t speak it. So in order to teach her another language, I’m going to have to learn to speak Spanish.

My last goal for the month is just to spend more time with Chris and Luna without technology around. I wanna go to the park with Luna, sit and talk with Chris, heck even read a book in my free time. I just need less technology in my life. I want more personal experiences so I can capture them on camera (contradicting my less technology goal) since I don’t have a lot of pictures of us just spending time together, they’re all of just Luna. She’s growing up fast and I just want to catch those special moments.

Next week will be my first Weekly Wishes post but for now I’ll leave you with my Monthly Wishes post! I encourage you to try it yourself and see if you stick to any of them. Also, check out The Nectar Collective, they have some awesome posts especially for those learning to blog.

The Nectar Collective
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New Year, Definitely a New Me

It’s a week into the new year and already a lot has changed for me thanks to December. I’ve gained a new title, mommy. For a month now, I’ve been waking up to the sound of crying, gone through many diaper changes and a few outfit changes for my daughter and myself. She does not make it easy but she’s definitely worth it.

On another hand, with the start of the new year there comes goals for that year. I have some personal ones that most people make (like workout, eat healthier and save money) and then there’s ones that I normally wouldn’t make (like get our own place, a new car). I plan to write a post about it later today but at the moment, mommy duty calls!

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I’m Back. The Relaunch.

After a month, it's time for my return.

After a month, it’s time for my return.

A month ago, I left WordPress to try Blogger. I realized that was a huge mistake. I didn’t enjoy blogger at all. I had completely stopped blogging all together. That too was a mistake. I ended up with too much free time on my hands, tons of creativity ready to pour out and nowhere to send it. So I’m back. I’m relaunching Peace in VintageI plan to leave my old posts on my site as a reminder of how not to blog but I will also be editing pages, my about me and just my overall blogosphere. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because Luna (for those of you who don’t know, I’m pregnant with a girl. Yes, I’m only nineteen but I’m figuring it out and I’m a lot more mature than those my age) is coming soon. How soon? Could be a couple of hours. And with Luna coming I’ll have more free time since I will be leaving my part-time job, school will be ending next week and I’ll be a temporary stay at home mom. It gives me more time to focus on the blog and I’ve even began to learn coding to help. So please continue this journey with me. I appreciate all the support I’m getting from family and friends and readers as well. Feel free to comment and like.

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November: Getting Stuff Done

So we are about five days into November. I have a little less than a month until my daughter’s estimated due date. With her coming soon I kind of want to get myself a little more organized and put together so I created goals specifically for this month and decided to share them with you!

1. Blog More.

I feel as if I don’t post enough because I really don’t. I feel so overwhelmed and like I don’t do enough because I waste time focused on other, less important things so here’s where goal number two comes in.

2. Set a Timer.

If I can learn to set a timer or give myself a due date then I would get more done.

3. Stay Organized.

So far I’ve been able to do so with my Google Calendar since I can sync it with my cellphone giving me portable access to my appointments. It alerts me for everything! I feel like I’d be lost without it.

4. Create a Morning/Night Routine

I would probably save a lot more time this way if I actually scheduled how much time I spent getting ready at night and in the morning plus it motivates me to go to sleep and wake up at a certain time.

5. Take More Photos.

What I really mean is focus on my photography all together. I feel terrible that I haven’t used photos in my blog posts but that’s about to change!

6. Simply More ME!

This involves just cutting down on the caffeine and investing in tea a bit more. I downloaded Amazon Kindle and Google Books so I can read more and detach from social media a bit more. I also wanna get some exercise in my routine even if it’s just walking aimlessly around Wal-Mart for a decent amount of time. I also want to create playlists just for inspiration as well as find inspiring people to follow on social media sites (if you have any suggestions, let me know) plus other things that can just simply improve my life overall.

Feel free to tell me about your goals for this month if you have any. Also, I may have finally come up with a logo for Peace in Vintage. We’ll see.

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