New Year, Definitely a New Me

It’s a week into the new year and already a lot has changed for me thanks to December. I’ve gained a new title, mommy. For a month now, I’ve been waking up to the sound of crying, gone through many diaper changes and a few outfit changes for my daughter and myself. She does not make it easy but she’s definitely worth it.

On another hand, with the start of the new year there comes goals for that year. I have some personal ones that most people make (like workout, eat healthier and save money) and then there’s ones that I normally wouldn’t make (like get our own place, a new car). I plan to write a post about it later today but at the moment, mommy duty calls!

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I’m Back. The Relaunch.

After a month, it's time for my return.

After a month, it’s time for my return.

A month ago, I left WordPress to try Blogger. I realized that was a huge mistake. I didn’t enjoy blogger at all. I had completely stopped blogging all together. That too was a mistake. I ended up with too much free time on my hands, tons of creativity ready to pour out and nowhere to send it. So I’m back. I’m relaunching Peace in VintageI plan to leave my old posts on my site as a reminder of how not to blog but I will also be editing pages, my about me and just my overall blogosphere. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because Luna (for those of you who don’t know, I’m pregnant with a girl. Yes, I’m only nineteen but I’m figuring it out and I’m a lot more mature than those my age) is coming soon. How soon? Could be a couple of hours. And with Luna coming I’ll have more free time since I will be leaving my part-time job, school will be ending next week and I’ll be a temporary stay at home mom. It gives me more time to focus on the blog and I’ve even began to learn coding to help. So please continue this journey with me. I appreciate all the support I’m getting from family and friends and readers as well. Feel free to comment and like.

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November: Getting Stuff Done

So we are about five days into November. I have a little less than a month until my daughter’s estimated due date. With her coming soon I kind of want to get myself a little more organized and put together so I created goals specifically for this month and decided to share them with you!

1. Blog More.

I feel as if I don’t post enough because I really don’t. I feel so overwhelmed and like I don’t do enough because I waste time focused on other, less important things so here’s where goal number two comes in.

2. Set a Timer.

If I can learn to set a timer or give myself a due date then I would get more done.

3. Stay Organized.

So far I’ve been able to do so with my Google Calendar since I can sync it with my cellphone giving me portable access to my appointments. It alerts me for everything! I feel like I’d be lost without it.

4. Create a Morning/Night Routine

I would probably save a lot more time this way if I actually scheduled how much time I spent getting ready at night and in the morning plus it motivates me to go to sleep and wake up at a certain time.

5. Take More Photos.

What I really mean is focus on my photography all together. I feel terrible that I haven’t used photos in my blog posts but that’s about to change!

6. Simply More ME!

This involves just cutting down on the caffeine and investing in tea a bit more. I downloaded Amazon Kindle and Google Books so I can read more and detach from social media a bit more. I also wanna get some exercise in my routine even if it’s just walking aimlessly around Wal-Mart for a decent amount of time. I also want to create playlists just for inspiration as well as find inspiring people to follow on social media sites (if you have any suggestions, let me know) plus other things that can just simply improve my life overall.

Feel free to tell me about your goals for this month if you have any. Also, I may have finally come up with a logo for Peace in Vintage. We’ll see.

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Trip Time!

I know, 33 weeks pregnant and I’m taking a trip. Well the doctor said the cut off date was 34 weeks and on top of that it’ll be my last trip for a while with little one on the way. I leave tonight or Friday morning. Lets see how the trip goes. I’m going to El Paso where it’s a lot colder than Arizona.
I’ll be taking pictures to post up on the blog later under my other page. Still trying to get the hang of flat lay photos and taking pictures on my cellphone. I’ll get there soon. The only thing that’s preventing me from getting decent photos is the time of day I take them. I can’t take them until later at night when I have finally cleared up my schedule so I don’t get that natural lighting that many bloggers talk about when they give you tips on how to take photos with your phone. I’m trying to find an alternative but nothing yet.

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Autumn Faves (Tagged but not Tagged)

So I saw this cool Autumn Tag post going around and since I haven’t exactly established my place in this “blogosphere”, I decided I would do it anyways for fun.

1. Coffee-What’s your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks or any other coffee shop?

Right now, being pregnant keeps me from drinking coffee and my financial situation didn’t allow it as well so I have yet to join the coffee crave other than the frappes from McDonald’s. If I did have to choose a drink it would actually be hot chocolate…a simple classic.

2. Accessories-What do you opt for: scarf, boot, or gloves?

My choice would definitely be boots. I have a pair of Ugg-Converse that are rare to find so I love showing them off during the colder season.

3. Music-What’s your favorite music to listen to during autumn?

My favorite music would have be something like Ellie Goulding and Bridget Mendler.

4. Perfume-What’s your favorite scent for this time of year?

My favorite scent is anything with vanilla. Sadly my only vanilla scented perfume is a mixture with flowers and reminds me of spring so I’ve put it away and opted for a honey scent perfume my sister got for me (I really have to find out the name of it, it smells amazing!)

5. Candles-What scents will you be burning this season?

I love anything vanilla or brown sugar because it reminds me of cooking on Thanksgiving and Christmas so both is on my burn list.

6. What do you love the most about autumn?

I think the thing I love most about autumn would have be sweater weather (which is totally on my playlist now).

7. Favorite make-up look?

I don’t wear make-up that often but when I do and it’s around autumn, I normally go with browns and golds that have a bit of shimmer. My skin’s a bit more moist around this time so my skins glowing a little more than it does before so I try to focus more on my eyes that way my face isn’t affected but the over use of moisture from my foundation and such.

8. What are you looking forward to the most in autumn?

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because I love to eat!

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New Job-Receptionist!

I just got a new job at my community college! It’s only working Wednesdays and Thursdays but it’s easy pay and I get out of the house. My job is to log people in and out as they come in and out of the building. It gives me time to catch up on homework (or blog posts) while working with a pretty cool boss and my friends as my coworkers. I still work when I can for my boyfriend family and that helps me make money too so it doesn’t feel like I’m not even trying. I just finished comparing bank accounts and I realized how much work goes into finances. You have to consider if you’re losing money or gaining money and if it’ll even make a difference in the end. I’ll figure it out eventually. For now… SIGNING OFF.