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Wishes for February


February Goals

I came across a blog called, The Nectar Collective, a blog for bloggers. The article I read was Goals for February where they do a Weekly Wishes link party encouraging others to come up with goals for every week and share them with others. You would normally post on Monday but I was a bit preoccupied. Better late than never. Although it is normally called weekly wishes, since it is the first week of February, I decided to start off with writing about my goals for this month.

Last month, I wrote about how Chris and I had started envelope budgeting but since it was the end of the month, who knows if it actually worked so this month, my goal, in the financial department, is to keep track of our spending and stick to this envelope budgeting to see if it helps at all.

I started school so I have homework, chores, family and blogging to balance out right now. After spending tons of time on pinterest, looking at different ways people organized I’ve come up with a way that works for me. I now schedule almost everything; time for homework, errands Chris and I have to run, time for blogging and etc. Now to just stick to the schedule!

With Luna turning two months this Thursday, spending time with her is my main priority. I read to her, play music for her (heck she’s sitting in my lap as I type this up) but the one thing I feel like I don’t do enough is speak to her in Spanish, especially since I can’t speak it. So in order to teach her another language, I’m going to have to learn to speak Spanish.

My last goal for the month is just to spend more time with Chris and Luna without technology around. I wanna go to the park with Luna, sit and talk with Chris, heck even read a book in my free time. I just need less technology in my life. I want more personal experiences so I can capture them on camera (contradicting my less technology goal) since I don’t have a lot of pictures of us just spending time together, they’re all of just Luna. She’s growing up fast and I just want to catch those special moments.

Next week will be my first Weekly Wishes post but for now I’ll leave you with my Monthly Wishes post! I encourage you to try it yourself and see if you stick to any of them. Also, check out The Nectar Collective, they have some awesome posts especially for those learning to blog.

The Nectar Collective
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Fallen off the Wagon


Photo courtesy of Charlotte Siems.

After my little outburst, I was able to calm down and think a bit more rationally. I talked to the person and resolved the issues. Now I’m in a better place. I still want to move out but that’s just so I could have more space (a little extra privacy wouldn’t hurt either). Thinking and talking about moving out reminded me of my goals for this year and how I haven’t posted an update just yet, so why put it off any longer?

So my first goal was to become a healthier person. After writing the post about my resolutions, check it out here if you haven’t yet, I had been so pumped up to get started. I went on Pinterest (check out my workout board) and found recipes for smoothies, monthly workout calendars, workout outfits and motivation. I decided to cut down on all my bad habits and try to become a healthier person. I had done a good job but then, the wagon started to get bumpy. I decided not to completely cut myself off from soda and to have only one a day. Well, Chris decided to buy some so I could have my one a day soda. Didn’t work out so well since I drank almost both twelve packs on my own. After that, I decided not to keep them in the house so I wouldn’t deal with my temptation. I started zumba this week, but we haven’t gotten to start the workout part until next week. Hopefully this will build my stamina up especially since all of February, I have a workout calendar I want to follow and I want to start running as well. As for my relaxing and me time, I bought another candle, strawberry kiwi scented but I have yet to take some time to journal, or finish that meditating book. I hope to finish it before February starts.

My other goal was to save money so we could move out and I could get my license and car. Well Chris was more than happy to begin a budget so we decided to try a specific kind of budgeting called, Envelope Budgeting (there’s a ton of articles out there about it, look it up and try it for yourselves!). It’s pretty straight forward and easy. You come up with categories based on where your spending goes: Chris, Luna, Myself, Entertainment and Dining, Junk Food, and Miscellaneous, then you decided how much you want to put into each category. Instead of using your debit card, you pull the money out and put them into envelopes that are labeled for each category, you don’t have to use all of your income and I definitely would recommend using only half of it for budgeting while the rest goes into your account. Once the money runs out, your done. You do this every month, and with the money left over at the end of the month, you put it into a savings account. Some people put half of it into a credit card to build credit, (might try this myself) and the rest into the savings account. They also only use their debit or credit cards to by gas and pay bills, like rent and utilities. Since Chris and I started half way through the month, we decided we’d only spend half of what of we decided for each category. That would be $132.50, and now we’ve only spent about $47 dollars. The rest will be going into a savings account, with the extra money that we didn’t put into the budget from the income, that we’ll be using so we can get a car then eventually, rent a house (which means we might have at least $400 or $500 at the end of the month that will go towards a car). As for my license, I’m going to test for that on Friday! Wish me luck!

As for my goals this year, it’s been a rough start but I’m making progress. Slowly but surely, I’ll get there.

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November: Getting Stuff Done

So we are about five days into November. I have a little less than a month until my daughter’s estimated due date. With her coming soon I kind of want to get myself a little more organized and put together so I created goals specifically for this month and decided to share them with you!

1. Blog More.

I feel as if I don’t post enough because I really don’t. I feel so overwhelmed and like I don’t do enough because I waste time focused on other, less important things so here’s where goal number two comes in.

2. Set a Timer.

If I can learn to set a timer or give myself a due date then I would get more done.

3. Stay Organized.

So far I’ve been able to do so with my Google Calendar since I can sync it with my cellphone giving me portable access to my appointments. It alerts me for everything! I feel like I’d be lost without it.

4. Create a Morning/Night Routine

I would probably save a lot more time this way if I actually scheduled how much time I spent getting ready at night and in the morning plus it motivates me to go to sleep and wake up at a certain time.

5. Take More Photos.

What I really mean is focus on my photography all together. I feel terrible that I haven’t used photos in my blog posts but that’s about to change!

6. Simply More ME!

This involves just cutting down on the caffeine and investing in tea a bit more. I downloaded Amazon Kindle and Google Books so I can read more and detach from social media a bit more. I also wanna get some exercise in my routine even if it’s just walking aimlessly around Wal-Mart for a decent amount of time. I also want to create playlists just for inspiration as well as find inspiring people to follow on social media sites (if you have any suggestions, let me know) plus other things that can just simply improve my life overall.

Feel free to tell me about your goals for this month if you have any. Also, I may have finally come up with a logo for Peace in Vintage. We’ll see.

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